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Sustainable way to avoid bill shock


February 10, 2019 by admin

Many people are happy to complain about rising water and power bills but aren’t prepared to do anything about it, says the organiser of Sustainable House Day – a national event taking place this weekend where householders open up their homes to the public to show off green initiatives.
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“Most people … just let their home manage them and just pay the bills at the end of the month, and talk about the increased prices of water and electricity,” says Pia Vogrin, who has organised the event.

“Realistically if they were more active in managing their homes then they wouldn’t get such a surprise at the end of the month.”

On Sunday, the owners of 235 properties around Australia will open their doors to strangers interested in learning how to make houses more sustainable. They’ll have the chance to see and touch the materials, building and green products.

“It’s a tactile event, visitors can walk into these houses and look and feel the difference in terms of a sustainable build,” says Vogrin. “They can see passive solar – hopefully in action if there’s some sun around on the weekend. They can see how a home in their neighbourhood actually works with the environment.”

The homeowners “want to share their stories, because they’ve come out the other end [of making their home sustainable] and are hoping that they can inspire others to take action in terms of managing their own home”, says Vogrin.

About 40,000 people are expected to take  the opportunity to inspect the properties and another 60,000 are expected to research the homes online. At many of the homes, the builder and architect involved will also be on hand.

Among those showing off their properties, Vogrin says there will be plenty who are attracted to the idea of a “smart home” rather than being an environmental crusader.

“If you take away the green consciousness … these people are proud of the homes that they’ve built or designed,” she says.

“They feel really engaged in their home. They’re able to manage their home, they know their energy usage, they know their water usage, they’re able to work within their environment to have a more comfortable home that in some way actually rewards them.”

One of the green homes opening its doors to the public in Sydney is 5 Strickland Street, Rose Bay.

Cameron Rosen, who lives in the house with his partner and three children, says his home is so energy efficient that its electricity bills are in the negative.

Visitors to Rosen’s  house can take part in free workshops on organic gardening, grey water and green walls.

“Our home has a beating heart and soul that is flowing with healthy green blood,” he says.

“Some of the open homes show that you don’t have to have chickens in the backyard or a large worm composting bin for a home to be green. A green home is also about energy efficiency and one that has healthier building materials.”

Sustainable House Day takes place this Sunday, September 9, from 10am – 4pm.

Do you feel like your house manages you? Or are you in control of it – in particular things such as power, water and gas bills?

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