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Casey crime stats: Family violence rates jump


July 9, 2018 by admin

FAMILY violence continues to be Casey’s main crime problem with police investigating more than 1000 family assaults in the 12 months to June 31.

The latest police statistics, released today, show Casey police handled 1055 family assault cases, 36 per cent more than in the previous 12 months.

The head of the Casey police area, Inspector Wayne Viney, said family violence remained a significant problem.

‘‘We are actively targeting known recidivist offenders of family violence and make no apologies if these offenders are removed from their own homes and either relocated or remanded in custody. An assault is an assault, whether it’s in the home or in the street.’’

He said the entire community had a role to play in reducing family violence.

‘‘If we work together as a community and demonstrate this behaviour won’t be tolerated we can start to reduce the number of people being assaulted in their own homes.’’

The number of non-family assaults was little changed at 1045. There were eight homicides, up from seven a year earlier.

Police were also concerned by a 33 per cent increase in the number of robberies, up from 117 to 156.

Residential burglaries jumped from 893 to 1076 but other burglaries fell from 495 to 433. The number of aggravated burglaries — where a resident was home — rose 80 per cent from 47 to 85.

Drug offences in Casey increased more than 80 per cent, up from 394 to 719. Of these, 509 related to possessing and using drugs while 210 related to cultivating, manufacturing and trafficking drugs.

Rapes were little changed at 68 while other sexual offences fell 25 per cent to 201.

Theft of vehicles fell 24 per cent from 782 to 593 and thefts from vehicles fell 12 per cent from 1674 to 1475.

Six people were killed on Casey roads in the 12 months to March 31, 2012, down from nine in the previous year. Injuries were also down, from 732 to 720.


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