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Amazing Race winners are simply … amazing


July 9, 2018 by admin

TWO police officers are coming down off an adrenaline high after winning the latest season of the reality television series The Amazing Race Australia.

After eight months of keeping the win a secret, including from immediate family members, the pair are happy to finally be able to talk about it.

Andrew Thoday, 35, of Langwarrin, and close friend Shane Haw, 44, of Bentleigh East, said it had been difficult keeping quiet about their success. “If the police van had been bugged it would have been all out,” Thoday said.

The pair, who have worked together for seven years, are closer than ever after completing the race. “We both respect each other and when the other one tells you to pull your head in, you do it,” Haw said.

They may have been fated to take out the race after opening a fortune cookie that read: “You are going to win a contest.”

They both agree the race was one of the hardest things they have ever done. “Nothing has wrecked us as much as the race did,” Thoday said. “It was incredibly challenging, both physically and mentally.”

Although their winnings – $250,000 split evenly between them – weren’t enough for them to put their feet up and stop working, they said it was a nice bonus.

Thoday said he would put the winnings towards paying off the mortgage, educating his children and buying a new car for his wife.

Their experience in Canada, which included axe throwing and ice waterfall climbing, was a highlight for the pair.

“That was the most action-packed leg of the race. We gained a lot of confidence from our success in Canada and it was at that point we thought we were actually a chance of winning it,” Haw said.

“Even without the cabbage [winnings] you would still be satisfied. We got a taste of the world. If there is an ‘all stars’ race we’d do it tomorrow.”

Big win: Shane Haw and Andrew Thoday at the finish line of The Amazing Race Australia on Fraser Island.


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