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  1. Frankston Primary ‘let down over cash’: MP


    July 9, 2018 by admin

    Funds needed: Frankston Primary School principal Morry Rubinstein, left, takes James Merlino and Lee Tarlamis on a tour of the school. Picture: Gary SissonsWHAT DO YOU THINK? SCROLL TO BELOW THIS STORY TO POST A COMMENT.
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    THE state government is letting down the pupils at Frankston Primary School by refusing to honour a funding commitment made by the former Labor government, says Opposition education spokesman James Merlino.

    Mr Merlino and South-Eastern Metropolitan Region MP Lee Tarlamis said that while the school’s teaching staff provided top rate education to their students, they were doing it in outdated facilities.

    In the 2010 election campaign, Labor pledged that it would fund a $500,000 refurbishment of the school’s two-storey building – a promise that the two Labor MPs say the Coalition government should honour.

    “Modern teaching methods, including using information computer technology during lessons, are more difficult when the classroom is from another era,” Mr Merlino said.

    Eduction Minister Martin Dixon said while the government was committed to upgrading schools it had to responsiily balance and prioritise the needs of more than 1500 government schools.

    “If the principal of Frankston Primary School believes the school has urgent maintenance or safety issues requiring rectification works which exceed the school’s available funds, he should contact the education department’s southern metropolitan regional office to have the matter investigated.”

  2. Suburban fashion on the cutting edge


    July 9, 2018 by admin

    FASHION designer April Marie Hewat is used to the startled looks and snide comments from insiders when she says she lives and works in Cranbourne.
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    But with her company, April Marie Swimwear, clearly going places, the mother of three can afford to be relaxed about her suburban address and background.

    Cleo magazine recently featured her tiger swimsuit – modelled by Jennifer Hawkins – and next month she will present her collection at Fashion Aid 2012, one of Melbourne’s most popular charity fund-raisers.

    Early in her career, she used Sydney models, high-profile fashion photographers and tropical locations. It cost a fortune and always left her disappointed.

    Now that her confidence has grown, Ms Hewat prefers local locations – the Peninsula Hot Springs, for example, or Cranbourne swimming pool – and a local creative team: Carrum Downs photographer Rebecca Le Souef and Langwarrin model Monique Wardley.

    “We make a good team. Bec understands what I’m after and I’m much happier with the results. Everyone who sees the portfolio is blown away by the photos,” Ms Hewat said.

    “I don’t have anything against male photographers but they want the photos to look like something out of People magazine and my swimwear is much classier than that.”

    Her interest in fashion began when she was growing up on a farm in Carrum Downs. “I was lying awake one night at 3am wondering how I could make swimwear different. I ran into my dad and said ‘I know – we’ll print Australian postcards onto lycra’.”

    Later, she switched to images of plants and animals, the most distinctive being her tiger bikini. She took a risk, put an ad in Vogue and sales went through the roof. In 2009, she launched the label at Fashion Week in Sydney.

    “I knew nothing about the rag trade when I started – I made a lot of costly mistakes. Everyone loved what I was doing but they didn’t think I could achieve it.”

    Ms Hewat does all the swimwear and fabric design, co-ordinates the manufacture and does the marketing.

    She would probably sew them too if she could. Her husband, Paul, does the bookwork and her father is her biggest backer.

    She likes working with other mothers because they understand what it’s like.

    “I have a beautiful home office but there are times when my kids are running around. With other mums, I don’t have to be embarrassed if there’s a toy or a biscuit on the floor.

    “There’s a benefit to being in the suburbs because you can be true to who you want to be.”

    Home style: Rebecca Le Souef, Monique Wardley and April Marie Hewat (with Alarah, 9 months) are a formidable fashion team. Monique is modelling the famous tiger swimsuit. Picture: Ted Kloszynski

  3. Kananook Primary gets a health boost


    July 9, 2018 by admin

    KANANOOK Primary School has won a $46,000 makeover as the Victorian winner of the Let’s Live Better – Run Around Australia campaign.
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    The initiative was held by Colonial First State Global Asset Management shopping centres, in partnership with the Children’s Food Education Foundation.

    Children were encouraged to include fresh food in their diets and exercise regularly. Families shopping at Bayside shopping centre earned one point for the primary school with every dollar spent. Double points were awarded for fresh food purchases.

    The prize included a canteen makeover by Thermomix, $15,000 cash, $15,000 worth of sport and educational equipment and a food education seminar for pupils and their families.

    Parent Nickie Fidge, who co-ordinated the school’s entry effort, said the two Thermomix appliances would come in handy for healthy cooking lessons by budding chefs.

    Pupils in grades 5 and 6 hoped to use the versatile appliances, which chop and cook, to make fruit sorbets and soups with some of the produce from the school’s vegie patch and sell their healthy culinary creations to other pupils at the students representative council canteen.

    “We also plan to use the Thermomixes in our school’s Kid’s Kitchen to help in preparing the healthy snacks and meals that all children in the school are involved in.

    “They will speed up many of the cooking processes and allow us to cook a wider range of foods,” Ms Fidge said.

    Healthy competition: Kananook Primary School grade 5 pupils Bhavik and Daniqua get ready to try one of the Thermomix appliances.Picture: Gary Sissons

  4. Amazing Race winners are simply … amazing


    July 9, 2018 by admin

    TWO police officers are coming down off an adrenaline high after winning the latest season of the reality television series The Amazing Race Australia.
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    After eight months of keeping the win a secret, including from immediate family members, the pair are happy to finally be able to talk about it.

    Andrew Thoday, 35, of Langwarrin, and close friend Shane Haw, 44, of Bentleigh East, said it had been difficult keeping quiet about their success. “If the police van had been bugged it would have been all out,” Thoday said.

    The pair, who have worked together for seven years, are closer than ever after completing the race. “We both respect each other and when the other one tells you to pull your head in, you do it,” Haw said.

    They may have been fated to take out the race after opening a fortune cookie that read: “You are going to win a contest.”

    They both agree the race was one of the hardest things they have ever done. “Nothing has wrecked us as much as the race did,” Thoday said. “It was incredibly challenging, both physically and mentally.”

    Although their winnings – $250,000 split evenly between them – weren’t enough for them to put their feet up and stop working, they said it was a nice bonus.

    Thoday said he would put the winnings towards paying off the mortgage, educating his children and buying a new car for his wife.

    Their experience in Canada, which included axe throwing and ice waterfall climbing, was a highlight for the pair.

    “That was the most action-packed leg of the race. We gained a lot of confidence from our success in Canada and it was at that point we thought we were actually a chance of winning it,” Haw said.

    “Even without the cabbage [winnings] you would still be satisfied. We got a taste of the world. If there is an ‘all stars’ race we’d do it tomorrow.”

    Big win: Shane Haw and Andrew Thoday at the finish line of The Amazing Race Australia on Fraser Island.

  5. Casey crime stats: Family violence rates jump


    July 9, 2018 by admin

    FAMILY violence continues to be Casey’s main crime problem with police investigating more than 1000 family assaults in the 12 months to June 31.
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    The latest police statistics, released today, show Casey police handled 1055 family assault cases, 36 per cent more than in the previous 12 months.

    The head of the Casey police area, Inspector Wayne Viney, said family violence remained a significant problem.

    ‘‘We are actively targeting known recidivist offenders of family violence and make no apologies if these offenders are removed from their own homes and either relocated or remanded in custody. An assault is an assault, whether it’s in the home or in the street.’’

    He said the entire community had a role to play in reducing family violence.

    ‘‘If we work together as a community and demonstrate this behaviour won’t be tolerated we can start to reduce the number of people being assaulted in their own homes.’’

    The number of non-family assaults was little changed at 1045. There were eight homicides, up from seven a year earlier.

    Police were also concerned by a 33 per cent increase in the number of robberies, up from 117 to 156.

    Residential burglaries jumped from 893 to 1076 but other burglaries fell from 495 to 433. The number of aggravated burglaries — where a resident was home — rose 80 per cent from 47 to 85.

    Drug offences in Casey increased more than 80 per cent, up from 394 to 719. Of these, 509 related to possessing and using drugs while 210 related to cultivating, manufacturing and trafficking drugs.

    Rapes were little changed at 68 while other sexual offences fell 25 per cent to 201.

    Theft of vehicles fell 24 per cent from 782 to 593 and thefts from vehicles fell 12 per cent from 1674 to 1475.

    Six people were killed on Casey roads in the 12 months to March 31, 2012, down from nine in the previous year. Injuries were also down, from 732 to 720.

  6. Latest results around Cranbourne


    July 9, 2018 by admin

    Nanjing Night Net

    MORNINGTON PENINSULA NEPEAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE: Casey Cardinia League: Elimination final: Berwick 2.3, 7.4, 12.9, 14.10 (94) d Beaconsfield 0.1, 4.4, 4.7, 6.9 (45)

    Goals: Berwick: N Waite, J Andrews 5, P Vanschilt 2, J McLardy, A Tuck. Beaconsfield: L Bee-Hugo 2, K Fletcher, J Linkins, R Taylor, M McPhie. Best: Berwick: B Robinson, J Andrews, M Andrews, K Meredith, N Waite, J Kelly. Beaconsfield: A Gwozdziewski, L Bee-Hugo, C Kelf, M McPhie, D Battaglin.

    Qualifying final: Cranbourne 4.4, 11.12, 16.15, 22.22 (154) d Tooradin-Dalmore 3.2, 6.3, 7.6, 9.9 (63)

    Goals: Cranbourne: M Theodoridis 5, M Holt 4, M Rus 3, J Bollenhagen, M Davey, M Weller, C Barker 2, R George, J Berry. Tooradin-Dalmore: M Wade, J Suarez 3, M Hobbs 2, B Miller. Best: Cranbourne: R George, G Osborne, L Holt, M Fletcher, M Rus, M Thompson. Tooradin-Dalmore: B Miller, M Wade, A Galea, S Kendell, S Keenan, S Watson.

    Reserves: Elimination final: ROC 4.4, 6.6, 7.9, 13.13 (91) d Beaconsfield 0.0, 3.5, 8.7, 11.7 (73)

    Goals: ROC: K Dowsett 4, B Snooks, J Cole, T Cole, S McIntyre 2, D Johnson. Beaconsfield: G Bonacci, D Muzzolini, J Budge 2, B McGowan, N Fisher, M Jennings, J Schinner, S McDermott. Best: ROC: T Woodfield, J Commerford, K Dowsett, S McIntyre, N Long, T Marks. Beaconsfield: T Hanney, J Budge, J Marcon, G Bonacci, N Fisher, S McDermott.

    Qualifying final: Berwick 5.0, 8.3, 9.5, 12.8 (80) d Cranbourne 1.1, 2.2, 6.3, 8.7 (55)

    Goals: Berwick: S Brady 4, M Castricum 3, S Barnes, M Abraham 2, M De Wit. Cranbourne: A White 6, D Whitnell, D Arfi. Best: Berwick: B Anderson, M De Wit, M Abraham, P Sear, N Sear, T Van Hout. Cranbourne: B Hermans, M Gearon, A White, N Stockley, L Martin, T Datson.

    U18: Elimination final: Pakenham 2.4, 7.8, 7.13, 9.15 (69) d Cranbourne 2.3, 5.3, 5.7, 5.8 (38)

    Goals: Pakenham: T Toussaint 6, N Verleg 2, K Bronsgeest. Cranbourne: N Gardiner, L Grant, M Crozier, B Bramall, M Shannon. Best: Pakenham: T Toussaint, T Guan, J Smith, M Smith, S Blackwood, J Hillard.

    U18: Qualifying final: Berwick 2.3, 5.5, 5.9, 12.9 (81) d Beaconsfield 1.1, 2.1, 2.2, 4.3 (27)

    Goals: Berwick: A Sigeti 4, M Johnson 3, S Rosario 2, H McLardy, B Kovac, J Donaldson. Beaconsfield: A Beck, J Cameron, T Joyce. Best: Berwick: C Tharle, J Donaldson, J Adams, J Joyce, J Weightman, H McLardy. Beaconsfield: S Prowse, L Nekic, B Decker, M Flynn, N McPherson, D Guinane.


    Men: State Knockout Cup Final: Port Melbourne Sharks 0 Dandenong Thunder 0 (penalties: 4-5).

    State 1: Altona Magic 6 Whittlesea Ranges FC 0, Pascoe Vale 4 Sunshine George Cross 1, St Albans Saints 2 North Geelong Warriors 1, Western Suburbs 3 Springvale White Eagles 2.

    State 2 SE: Casey Comets 0 South Springvale 0, Box Hill United 3 Mornington 1, Malvern City FC 1 Noble Park United FC 1, Morwell Pegasus 0 Langwarrin 1, Doncaster Rovers 1 Eastern Lions 4, Diamond Valley United 3 Kingston City FC 1.

    State 3 SE: Doveton 3 Nunawading City FC 0, Fitzroy City 0 Knox City FC 0, Peninsula Strikers 2 Heatherton United 0, Beaumaris 0 North Caulfieldn 0, Old Scotch 2 Waverley Wanderers 0, Springvale City 1 Berwick City 0.

    Provisional 1 SE: Old Melburnians 0 Monbulk Rangers 3, Hampton Park United Sparrows 0 Warragul United 4, Croydon City Arrows 0 Monash University 2, Frankston Pines FC 0 Mooroolbark 6, Sandringham 12 Brandon Park 0.

    Provisional 2 SE: Lyndale United 1 Old Carey 5, Caulfield United Cobras 1 Keysborough 2, Seaford United 1 Endeavour United 2, Ashburton United 1 Collingwood City FC 0, Skye United FC 1 Boroondara Eagles FC 1.

    Provisional 3 SE: Whitehorse United 0 Rowville Eagles 3, Baxter 2 Old Brighton Grammarians 2, University of Melbourne 4 Ringwood City FC 0, Noble Park 1 Glen Waverley 0.

    Women: Premier League: Box Hill United 4 Sandringham 0, Bundoora United FC 4 Heidelberg United 1.

    State 1: Altona City 0 Albert Park 1.

    State 2 SE: Ashburton Womens 3 Croydon City Arrows 3.

    State 3 SE: Knox City FC 0 Whitehorse United Senior 3, Boroondara Eagles FC 2 Caulfield United Cobras 4, Skye United FC 3 Ashburton Womens 1, Monbulk Rangers 1 Dandenong City 1.

    Metropolitan SE: Baxter 2 Monash University 1, Endeavour Hills 4 Glen Eira JSC 0, East Bentleigh 0 Kingston City FC 4, Bayside Argonauts FC 11 Skye United FC 1.

    Metropolitan NE: Glen Waverley 0 Boroondara Eagles FC 2, Boroondara Eagles FC 3 Eltham Redbacks FC 2, Mooroolbark Senior 0 Melbourne University 2 0, Glen Waverley 2 Croydon City Arrows 2, Fitzroy City 0 Old Xaverians 5, Swinburne University 4 Deakin Lions 0.

  7. VFL: Scorpions lose first final


    July 9, 2018 by admin

    Casey Scorpions face a straight-sets finals exit after losing to Werribee by 18 points in the Victorian Football League qualifying final at Casey Fields yesterday.
    Nanjing Night Net

    The Scorpions lost 6.10 (46) to 3.10 (28). After finishing the regular season as minor premiers, the Scorpions face an elimination semi-final against Williamstown at Casey Fields on Saturday at 2.10pm.

    The Scorpions trailed by just four points at the final change but the Tigers booted two goals to zero in the final term to seal the win.

    With AFL-affiliate Melbourne’s season now over, the Scorpions are likely to regain several senior players – including young forward Jack Fitzpatrick – for Saturday’s clash.

    Williamstown knocked out Bendigo while Port Melbourne will join Werribee in the preliminary finals.

  8. Day on the Cranbourne bowling green


    July 9, 2018 by admin

    Cranbourne Bowls Club hosted its weekly pairs tournament on Friday.
    Nanjing Night Net

    The players hardy enough to brave the testing conditions included Sofio Raiti and Irene Shaw, who had a 15-shot win over Barb Fulton and John Bartley.

    As the club officially opened the bowling season last weekend, the triples tournament had bowlers wearing club uniform.

    The tournament conditions were two games of 13 ends, with one game played on a grass green and the other on the synthetic green.

    Overall winners were the combination of Barry Thomas, Jack Wylie and Mel Cassano with a 15-shot win. Runners-up were the team of Stan Burnett, Tom Bonney and Kevin Eldridge and best last game winners were Harry Van Soest, Bert Romejin and Theo Van Schalm.

    A total of 54 bowlers competde in the weekly Wednesday tournament, but there are spots available to any interested bowlers.

    Call the club on 59961272 to enter.

  9. MPNFL: Outclassed Seagulls may turn to young guns for answers


    July 9, 2018 by admin

    TOORADIN-Dalmore coach Tom Hallinan has floated several changes for the Seagulls’ do-or-die final against Berwick at Berwick on Sunday.
    Nanjing Night Net

    The Seagulls’ listless 91-point loss to Cranbourne left Hallinan searching for a solution and praising the talents of Doug Koop’s Eagles.

    “It was Murphy’s law I guess – what could go wrong did go wrong,” Hallinan said.

    “The first quarter was all that we gave – unfortunately we were just overwhelmed by a hell of a lot slicker, more experienced unit.

    “Maybe it’s first-time finals blues We’re the novices in the finals and Cranbourne have been there before and maybe it showed.”

    Hallinan said his team was devoid of run and carry against the reigning premier, with youngster Jake Genoni a chance for a recall.

    “We looked old and tiresome and partly because we were overwhelmed with the footy, and you can look terrible when the opposition does that to you,” he said.

    “Jake will come in and play across half-forward and we’ll look at another couple. We need some energy and leg speed into the team.”

    The Seagulls have beaten this season and will start warm favourites to advance and take on the loser of the Cranbourne-Narre Warren blockbuster.

    Hallinan said he was keen for his team to not be remembered for its disappointing first-up finals performance after promising so much this season. “The result yesterday was an aberration and we only had one performance like that compared to the rest of the season,” he said.

  10. MPNFL: Berwick ends Beaconsfield’s season


    July 9, 2018 by admin

    BERWICK has again defeated arch rival Beaconsfield, this time in the MPNFL Casey Cardinia League elimination final yesterday.
    Nanjing Night Net

    The coaching tenure of Beaconsfield’s Austinn Jones was brought to a an end as the Wickers slammed on four goals to none in the third term to waltz away with a 14.10 (94) to 6.9 (45) win. Jones has signed as coach of VFL team Bendigo Gold next season.

    The Wickers now clash with Tooradin-Dalmore in Sunday’s elimination semi-final.

    The Eagles’ first half was summed up with Kris Fletcher giving away a 50-metre penalty followed by another 50 metres after Rob Taylor then argued the decision, much to Jones’s chagrin.

    Both sides missed early chances in the second half.

    Youngster Jordy Andrews booted the first of the second half to extend the Wickers lead to 26 points.

    Nathan Waite then booted his third, after missing one moments before, after a strong mark.

    The Wickers’ greater commitment to the contest was telling, Waite and Andrews both receiving plenty of the opportunities from influential defender Bryce Rutherford and midfielder Madison Andrews.

    Waite’s fourth goal extended the margin to 39 points and Andrews’ third and fourth ensured the Wickers would advance in the finals, going into the final term with a 50-point lead.

    The big difference between the teams was the dominant forwards of the Wickers while no Eagle kicked multiple goals. Luke Bee-Hugo and Taylor both battled hard for Beacy but their lack of a dominant key forward was telling.

    Wickers coach Dean Rice said conditions suited his fast-running side. “The guys really stood up today,” he said. “The conditions suited us. We’re a pretty young team and the way we like to play is to run on the top of the ground and move the ball quickly and get it into our forward line.”