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Hands up around Australia for federal school funding


June 13, 2018 by admin

All hands: Kambrya College principal Michael Muscat with Senator Jacinta Collins and AEU Victorian president Mary Bluett in the sea of ‘I Give A Gonski’ hands outside Parliament House in Canberra.A BERWICK principal says his school is a prime example of how better funding for government schools leads to better results for children.

Michael Muscat of Kambrya College travelled to Canberra last week to support calls for the federal government to immediately implement the recommendations of the Gonski review.

He also signed one of 6700 hands – one for every public school in Australia – planted outside Parliament House.

The review calls for a federal funding injection of $5billion a year to schools, which works out to an average increase of $1500 a student.

Mr Muscat said the extra money would allow Kambrya to lock in the improvements it had made through National Partnerships funding, which the school first received in 2009.

“Up to that time, not only were a large percentage of students who entered our college below expected levels for literacy and numeracy, our school was also failing to bring them up to speed.

“Put simply, kids who were arriving behind on basic skills were not catching up fast enough – in fact, they were falling further behind.”

He said the funding was a godsend and allowed the school to employ two leading teachers – in literacy and numeracy – and a leadership coach, which produced remarkable results.

“Our NAPLAN data now shows the college is actively improving student performance in literacy and numeracy at a rate higher than the national average.

“VCE data has continued to improve each year since 2008 and our pass rate for senior VCAL sits at very close to 100 per cent.”

He said the state government did not forward National Partnerships funding to the school last year and there was “considerable uncertainty” about whether it would be passed on in the future. “Further delays may result in some of the very productive initiatives being scaled back significantly.”

Last Monday’s event, organised by the Australia Education Union, marked six months since the Gonski report was released.


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