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Open your heart … and your home


May 24, 2018 by admin

BRIMBANK families are being urged to consider opening their hearts to children needing a home.

Anglicare, which arranges permanent and foster care for children, has 16 children looking for a permanent home but a shortage of people willing to take them in.

Volunteer recruitment and support team leader May Davey said people were generally not aware of permanent care which made it difficult to find places for children in need.

“Most people inquire about foster care or adoption,” she said.

“All we are asking of the community is to look at these children and see if they will fit into their families.”

Children needing homes are aged eight months to 12 years. They are unable to live with their biological families because the Department of Human Services does not believe that is the best environment for them.

“Some of the children have behavioural problems and have experienced trauma. Often they have experienced abuse,” Ms Davey said.

Permanent care social worker Emily Munro said Anglicare was struggling to find permanent carers for some children as families were often unwilling to take children over age five.

She said people were needed to provide permanency and stability for a child without expecting an infant.

Ms Munro said children with disabilities and siblings were also in search of homes.

“These children are in limbo. They want ‘forever families’.”

Ms Munro said children needing permanent carers were assessed to determine their needs and be matched with the right family.

She said carers received ongoing financial assistance and support.

“Our aim is to recruit permanent carers able to dedicate their time, and assist children in need.”

More care: Emily Munro and Tracy Thay are calling for permanent carers. Picture: Darren Howe


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