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Council elections; Nile party candidates standing


May 17, 2018 by admin

Urged to stand: Christian Democratic Party candidates (left to right) Ern Hemmings, Matt Burns, Sue Earnshaw, Graeme Collins and Beth Smith. Picture: Chris Lane

THE Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) is standing candidates for the first time for the local council elections in Sutherland Shire’s B and C wards.

“Some people said we need to run because they are not happy with what is happening in the shire,” team spokesman Ern Hemmings said.

“People are concerned about candidates being nominated who are not residents of Sutherland Shire.

“We are all long-term residents of the shire and have served in volunteer positions in many areas of church and community life.

“We want to ensure that Christian values remain at our foundation for future generations.

“We want commercial and retail developments in Kirrawee and Kareela that ensure our youth and young families have employment and affordable housing, right here in the shire, but not developments to the detriment of other residents and small businesses.

“There is an increasing need to ensure our older residents are respected and given every assistance to remain in their own homes.

“And to encourage excellence in our youth we will give every support to those associations and schools dealing with youth who feel their life has no meaning or importance.”

In CDP team in B Ward is: Graeme Collins, a retired solicitor and a financial adviser; Matt Burns, a primary school teacher and a keen surfer; and Matt Richards, a broadcast TV systems administrator.

In C Ward the CDP is represented by: Sue Earnshaw, a mother and general manager in corporate services; Beth Smith, a high school teacher; and Ern Hemmings, a semi-retired consultant to heavy industry.


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