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Pupils face rocky ground


May 16, 2018 by admin

Risky access: Special needs children at the site. Picture: Lisa McMahon MIRANDA Public School is disapppointed that its request for better access for students, including those with special needs, will not be met.
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The school wants kerbing and guttering along Sylva Avenue because it is difficult for pupils to enter and leave the school due to the uneven ground.

Fourteen children who have a range of disabilities, including vision impairments, attend two special needs classes.

Two children use wheelchairs.

The school’s P&C president Heidi Bubb said children with poor balance and co-ordination struggled to navigate the sloping ground.

‘‘It’s dirt on an uneven surface and when it gets muddy it is slip and slide,’’ she said. ‘‘There are also a lot of tree roots that are a hazard.’’

Mrs Bubb said she drove past 29 other public schools in Sutherland Shire and found all had roadside kerbs.

‘‘We are one of the oldest schools in the shire, celebrating our 120th anniversary next year . . . it’s embarrassing,’’ she said.

‘‘It would be OK in the Third World but not at Miranda.’’

She said kerbing and guttering would increase pupils’ independence because they could walk to waiting cars unaided.

Sutherland Shire Council allocated $9.4 million for roads construction and pavement rehabilitation in the four years ending June 2014.

The council said the programs specifically target residential streets.

The council said Sylva Avenue was not listed in the program for that reason and its sole use was servicing the school.

However, the council agreed to create a disabled parking space and do some bitumen work to provide an accessible ramp during the school holidays that start next month.

Should the school entrance be improved?


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