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Buried ruins cause construction delay


May 12, 2018 by admin

THE discovery of the historically significant foundations of the Tempe Hotel, built in the 1870s, have further delayed construction of the Wolli Creek Woolworths site.
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Earlier this month the Leader reported that the building company behind the long awaited project, Nahas Construction, was battling a wind-up application in the Supreme Court.

But it seems there are more headaches for Nahas than the company’s financial situation, with the Department of Planning and Infrastructure confirming that on July 30 it ordered the company to cease work on a small section of the site to employ a heritage consultant to undertake an assessment of archaeological findings.

Nahas Construction did not respond to a request for comment on the archaeological findings.

However, a spokeswoman for the Department of Planning and Infrastructure said a preliminary report had identified them “as partially intact footings from the 1870s Tempe Hotel and various other displaced remnant foundations from another small building”.

St George Historical Society president Bernie Sharah said the hotel had played a significant role in the history of local government in St George.

A Department of Planning spokeswoman said while a heritage consultant had recommended the artefacts be reburied, Nahas is yet to submit a final excavation report as well as an “on-site interpretation plan” detailing measures that will be adopted on the site to help the public understand the history and significance of the area.

“The department has requested a meeting with the proponent to discuss future work within the areas of potential archaeological significance, as well as the ongoing preservation of the uncovered artefacts,” she said.

Should the buried ruins cause construction delays?


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