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Stop intermodal, move Powerhouse, create jobs


May 9, 2018 by admin

Ned Mannoun: Intermodal a negative.LIVERPOOL is a beautiful place and has so much potential. It has been taken for granted by 21 years of Labor mayors. I want to be mayor because I want Liverpool to prosper and reach its full potential. I will be a full-time mayor now that I have sold my business, unlike our current mayor.

2. Short term: Fix our roads as they have been neglected and are falling apart.

– Install security video to make Liverpool safer. Once people feel safer more business will open up and create local jobs.

– Build a new car park in the southern end to attract more people into the CBD. Also introduce 15-minute free parking in the CBD.

Long term:

– A university in Liverpool would help us become a learning city.

3. Yes, as mayor I will ensure no new meters are installed. Business is struggling at the southern end and if nothing happens soon more businesses will close and jobs lost. We will build a new car park in the southern end.

4. The intermodal will have a very negative effect on the Powerhouse and we should be getting compensation from the federal government if our fight against the intermodal is not successful. If we get compensation we could move to a more suitable location and into a newer building that is more cost-efficient to run.

5. We need to keep our rates down, but because we had a $50 million debt from the Oasis, council had to increase rates. We will ensure sound economic management is the key to our decisions as we have been entrusted with ratepayers’ money. As a small business owner who employed 15 people, I had the responsibility of paying their wages and understand how to manage budgets. Our roads are in need of desperate repair and I will increase our road building budget by finding savings within the council budget. We will also review how we can reduce rubbish dumping by having three yearly pick-ups and a free green waste drop-off point.


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