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Fiscal prudence, grassroots input and 3-Rs


May 9, 2018 by admin

Michael Byrne: Liverpool has been neglected.LIVERPOOL is a neglected place. It lacks civic leadership and is paying the price. I am seeking the people’s authority to lead the council and have its $156 million budget properly managed to work for a better Liverpool.

We want Liverpool to be a good place to invest and make as a home. With the support of the people I will have the new council review the entire direction and management to ensure we have the right targets and the right team of people to deliver.

I am using the mayoral election to send the message that we want an airport at Badgery’s Creek for the immense economic worth in investment and jobs it will bring to Liverpool City. People need to know that the western residential areas of Liverpool are 10 kilometres from and east of the north-south runways.

This stands in stark contrast to the horrendous Moorebank Intermodal Freight terminal the ALP are dumping into the backyards of people in east Liverpool and on the banks of the Georges River.

2. As mayor I will initiate, not as a council project, but as a personal leadership goal, local democratic grassroots public groups that engage in civic (non-party politics), social (neighbourliness) and economic (watchdog on Council performance) activities.

A national design competition for a new vibrant Liverpool city area, covering the area from Warwick Farm to the Glenfield Causeway and incorporating the Chipping Norton Lakes, the Georges River and 200 metres from its banks and the existing Liverpool CBD, to be for high density shop top residential apartments.

3. I am generally in support of the parking policy. Local residential passes should have been included from day one. It has displayed the poor quality of public policy handling by the outgoing council.

. The Casula Powerhouse, of all council assets, intersects with all sectors of the public — children, adults, disabled, seniors, Indigenous, arts, sports and civics. The Powerhouse gives Liverpool a national presence as a venue for television programs, most notably Q&A. It is a cultural centre.

It is the up-river “place” on Liverpool’s untapped recreational span of the Georges River, starting at the Chipping Norton Lakes. Funding of the Powerhouse should be seen as Liverpool’s important social capital investment that is providing valuable social returns.

5. The 3-Rs are fundamental matters for local government. They must be managed as such, as they are the first measure of the council’s performance. I will, however, raise the new council’s vision higher than the 3-R’s — there really is much more to do for our city to reach its longed-for potential.


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