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Full life between cultures


May 7, 2018 by admin

IT’S a mild sunny winter afternoon in rural Annangrove but Faith Ford’s thoughts are half a world away in the sweltering heat of the Dubai summer — with her chooks.
Nanjing Night Net

Husband Geoff has just called to say it’s 50 degrees.

“We have a fan going for them and spray them with water,” Mrs Ford said after issuing instructions to her engineer spouse, whose career is the reason she has spent the past five years living in what she describes the Gold Coast of the United Arab Emirates.

Her return to Annangrove in June served a dual purpose: to visit her mum and to retake control of her daycare centre.

Daughter Tess accompanied her and enrolled in kindergarten at Annangrove Primary, where the school chicken pen provided a reminder of her Dubai home.

Mrs Ford said the rural setting and small school population were in stark contrast to the international school her daughter attended in Dubai.

And the differences did not stop there.

“Everything is bigger and better — as they say,” Mrs Ford said.

“It’s home to the world’s tallest building.

“And things like day care and schools are different to the way we do it here.”

Mrs Ford and her family own several day care centres in The Hills, including Annangrove Preschool.

“Here children go to preschool until they start kindergarten when they’re five or six,” she said.

“In Dubai, Tess went to preschool from 18 months until she was three.

“Then the children go into foundation one and two. That’s like prep here.

While Mrs Ford said tourists who flouted the modesty code of the Emirates people were frowned upon, it was by no means a dowdy culture.

“The Emirates are very glamorous,” she said.

“Dubai is like the Gold Coast.

While some Westerners live in gated communities, Mrs Ford and her husband live in an ordinary street.

“I was very isolated at first. I didn’t know anyone.”

Despite the differences and ever present heat — she said she had grown to love her adoptive country.

“I know that when I leave permanently I will miss it.”

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