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Be glad that we all have the right to vote


May 3, 2018 by admin

THE week before council elections every four years I cheekily start my column by offering some advice to the voters of Liverpool: vote early, and vote often. Now let’s make it crystal clear that the above was a joke. For a start it’s impossible to vote too early, before 8am anyway, because the polls don’t open before then.
Nanjing Night Net

As for voting often, well, no, no, no, no. You only get the one vote each, folks — dead or alive. Sorry, done it again, no, no, no, the dead don’t have a vote. Moving on, I am glad we cleared that up; what I wanted to say was that I hope everyone in Liverpool makes sure they count by voting on Saturday.

At this point I can feel the readers responding, “Are you crazy, Eric?” Vote? What for; it only encourages them. True, true and true again.

But did you know people have died for the right to vote; that once women could not vote, neither could people with low incomes. In other words, democracy used to be the preserve of the rich and privileged, and it’s sad that people forget that nowadays. But it’s no longer the case. After many battles, everyone gets to vote. More importantly, in this country a prime minister’s vote is worth no more or less than Joe Bloggs’s.

To me that’s the beauty of democracy, confounding as the actual system of voting may be — you know, bloody optional preferential voting and so on.

From time to time we fine-tune to ensure fairness, including how much in the way of donations each candidate should be allowed to receive, and that all should be on a public register. But despite the critics, this is the best system of government available. It’s ours; it’s the best there is, mostly better than anything migrants and refugees had where they came from, and we should cherish it.

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