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Star readers: Llandillo Public School


May 2, 2018 by admin

Diary of a wimpy kid 1, reviewed by Sarah Deheaume

This has got to be my all time favourite book. It’s funny, realistic and all together it’s just a great book to read. I like the way it starts, the idea that it’s not a diary it’s a journal. It starts off when Gregory Heffley’s mum buying him a diary (journal, as he sees it).

He thinks that he will become famous and instead of wasting his time telling people about his childhood, he could just say, ‘‘here’s my journal, it contains everything you need to know’’.

Then the book tells you about a series of events that might not occur to your average middle school child — the difficulties of growing up, friends, bullies and that sort of stuff.

The main characters are Gregory Heffley, Susan Heffley (mum), Dad Heffley, Manny Heffley (little brother), RodrickHeffley (big brother), Rowley Jefferson (best friend), Fregley (weird neighbour) and some other characters that make their way into the book such as Bryce Anderson and Chirag Gupta.

The book is set on the neighbourhood, school, their houses and things like that. I think that this series would be aimed at kids aged 8 and up as it might remind adults about the ups and downs of their childhood. I give it an 11|10 and trust me when I say the book deserves it. You can find it in good book shops.

Aliensons’ Time Machine, reviewed by Abbey

This book was about a family of aliens who find themselves in the year 3011 after breaking the lever on their new time machine.

But rather than their usual street it was a town full of robots, no-one else but robots.

My favorite character in this book was Baby Ah because he was still a normal baby but he was extremely smart for his age.

I liked this book because it took me with it and made me want to read on and on.

You should read this book because freak street is the best series ever.

High School Musical, reviewed by Jordyn Dicker

High School Musical is a good book because it’s a series. I like reading books that are a series because if you get into it you can read more about it. The book tells you about all the people.

The people’s names are Troy, Gabriella, Chad, Jason, Zeke, Sharpay and Ryan. Most of the people sing and dance. In the beginning of the book Troy starts to annoy Chad but at the end they are good friends again. Troy and his friends start a boy band. I would give this book a ten out of ten. This book would be good for seven year olds.

The Very Bad Book, reviewed by Kirsty Deheaume

The Very Bad Book is a great book. It’s funny and it’s full of laughter. It has little comics in the book and has just the right amount of text on each page. I like this book because of its funny, rhymes and excellent story. I rate this book 11/10. I think you would love this book and I hope you will all read it some day and share the laughter as much as I do. I recommend this book to anyone over the age of seven.

Ink Heart, reviewed by Lauren Debono

I am currently reading a book called Ink Heart. It is a story about a man called Mo (Silvertounge) and his daughter Maggie who have a very strange gift, when they read the characters jump out of the book and whoever is reading that book is pulled into the story to take the place of the character that left the book and you are trapped in there until someone with the that special gift reads you out. Mo and Maggie go on a thrilling adventure to try and find Maggies mum. I recommend this book for mature readers and I give this book 11 out of 10.

Danny the Champion of the World, reviewed by Rosabelle Galea

Danny the Champion of the World is a book about a child’s (Danny) dad who does poaching. But one day he makes a great plan to put sleeping powder in the raisins so he can take all the pheasants away from the wood. I would recommend the book to 7 and up. I would give this book 10 out of 10. This is a very interesting book. When you start reading it you don’t want to stop.

Danny the Champion of the World, reviewed by Ella Muscat

Danny the champion of the World is a good book about Danny’s dad wanting to go poaching for pheasants. So one day Danny’s father puts sleeping powder in 200 raisins so he could catch 200 pheasants from the wood. I think that it is a very good book and that people in primary should read it. I also recommend this book for 7 and up.

Snow White & the Huntsman, reviewed by Mackenzie Pelle

This epic and exciting story is about a king meeting a beautiful young lady named Ravenna. The same night they get married she kills the king and becomes Queen. The evil Queen prisons the king’s daughter, Snow White. Ten years later the Queen Ravenna calls for her prisoner Snow White, but the girl escapes from the castle and goes seeking in the Dark Forest. Ravenna sends the only man who is familiar with the forest, Eric the Huntsman. Will he kill Snow White? Or bring her back to rule the kingdom?

Chinese Cinderella, reviewed by Shanshan Zhi Shan Zhou

I chose this book because it’s kind of like my life. It’s not that bad but, Chinese Cinderella made me realise how bad people’s lives can really be. To be ignored and be unwanted is a terrible tragedy and a horrible life. People deserved better treatment. Anyway back on topic, this book is about a girl (Yen Jung-ling) who gets treated just like Cinderella (but she never gets to go to an awesome ball!) Her three brothers make her feel that she was the reason her mama died. Her big sister also hated her too. This is a true story. The story took place in 1999. I strongly recommend this book for all primary students. If I had to score this book out of 10 it will be… 10!!!!!!!!

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