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Respect, independence and value for rate dollars


April 28, 2018 by admin

Gary Lucas: Determination to be mayor.WANTING be mayor is a long-held position for me. With all my council experience (18 years) I have the drive, knowledge and the will, as well as being retired, to take on the role that is demanding. My being mayor will bring the councillors together and show the people that the council is their council and not the domain of a political group. I have the respect of the senior administration and this is needed to ensure that the policies are listened to and implemented.

2. Growth, employment and, above all, civic pride.

3. Yes, fine-tuning is required and that should happen in November. The parking issue was put into the too-hard basket for more than 20 years and I could have easily deferred the decision until after the election, but that is not my style. I’d rather be judged on what I have tried to do, and not on what I failed to do.

4. No, Casula Powerhouse is in the wrong place and needs to be relocated on to the vacant former administration site on Hoxton Park Road in Liverpool. I find it heartening to see other candidates running with my idea.

5. I will not be advocating for cheaper rates for the sake of chasing votes. The council lost $35 million due to Labor’s Oasis fiasco, and we as a council will never make up for this loss. Having said that, I want to ensure that the ratepayers are getting value for their rates, as I pay rates too.

I want to establish major drop-off collection points for residents to leave their rubbish and for the council to recycle. One in the rural area and one in Liverpool, at a site that will not intrude on the amenities of residents. This will in part eliminate the roadside dumping that is a cost that we as a community cannot tolerate.

I have succeeded in having the council take up the special Local Infrastructure Renewal Scheme of $8.2 million financed by a special subsidised loan from the state government.

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