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April 28, 2018 by admin

Wendy Waller: Wants another term as mayor.BEING a mayor elected by the people is very different than being a mayor elected by councillors. You are trusted by the people to have the wisdom to ensure the views of the majority are articulated and the area is represented in many forums. I believe I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the role of mayor. Liverpool currently needs to be more strategic in its dialogue with stakeholders over future development of lands. We have to ensure we create the foundations for future employment. I have had direct involvement, during the past four years, in ensuring jobs come to Liverpool by holding negotiations with big retailers. Currently the council is not using the mayoral position to best advantage because of restrictive and petty politics.

2. Develop our current commercial properties in the CBD for a maximum income.

Return council to 1 Hoxton Park Road.

Ensure our maintenance program is efficient and based on need, and continues to cover Liverpool’s 314 square kilometres.

3. The simple answer is yes. The parking strategy was adopted in February, 2010, when as mayor I voted against it because I felt residents wouldn’t want the popularly elected mayor to vote for it. I do understand why such a policy was put before council. Our parking and congestion at certain times of the day was causing concerns within the CBD. Collimore Park now provides free all-day parking. Labor attempted to get more free parking into the mix this year, but at the time it wasn’t supported by other councillors. However, a review took place and we now have a reduction in fees at our parking stations, free parking in Northumberland Street car park, free parking for residents and their visitors being contemplated, a change of hours of paid parking on the street and free parking for the Blood Bank. We need to continue to review the policy.

4. Yes. The Casula Powerhouse is as important as our sporting ovals, libraries, museum, gyms and swimming pools. We have a multi-faceted community and the investment in this facility, not just by council but also the state and federal governments, illustrates its legitimacy and the important role it plays. The theatre is used by dance groups, schools, cultural and drama groups as well as hosting many different exhibitions.

5. Liverpool is currently well above state government recycling targets because of our contractual arrangements which lowers tipping fees considerably. We need to ensure we lower our contamination rates. We are also doing well with our green waste; offer opportunities for white goods and electronic goods to be disposed of safely and also opportunities for chemical disposal. Roads cover more than 820 kilometres. Council could spend every cent it has on roads and the maintenance still wouldn’t be addressed.

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