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Council Elections 6


April 28, 2018 by admin

I have read many Letters to the Editor writtenby Darcy Browning, and each seems to propose the view that men and women existin a state of continual warfare (A Free Pass, August 28).
Nanjing Night Net

I don’t agree withhim about that, but I DO agree that Gordon Manning is the candidate to vote forin the forthcoming elections.

Our local councillors must make many important decisions whilst working withina limited budget and a complex set of laws; and those decisions can havea huge impact on the local community.I attended many meetings whilst trying to convince Council of the need toextend the swimming pool complex in Bellingen.

One councillor asked me, in allseriousness, why wasn’t it possible to heat just one lane of the new pool? Iwasn’t sure wether to laugh or scream.

We need people on our Council who have the diligence to research complexissues, the acumen to understand financial processes, the willingness tolisten to the needs of all parts of the local community, and the ability toformulate a strategic plan that delivers the best outcomes for our localcommunity and environment.

Gordon Manning has all these qualities, and that’s why I recommend voting forhim.

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